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Png to Jpg Converter is an image converter program used to perform a variety of functions in the graphics, photography
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8 April 2015

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This is a picture converter cum photo editor and painting tool.

As a format converter this tool helps convert images from one format to another. It handles bit map images as well as JPEG and GIF images. When you convert images to JPEG there is an inherent benefit due to compression, the picture file size is reduced. Additionally, you can make a trade-off between picture quality and the file size. Higher the quality, higher the file size. After the images are converted, it is possible to do some editing and apply some effects to the images. Edit features include the ability to crop the image to the size you need. The images can be rotated. Red eye reduction feature is also included in the tool. An image can be created out of several layers. This can help create some stunning effects, as you can add elements in different layers, slide then against each other and arrange the layers any which way you like. Imagination will be the limit in creating something really outstanding.

Digital paintings can be created with a bunch of virtual brushes and pens provided with this tool. These can be used to create digital art that can be utilized in many publishing situations. This program uses a very simple interface and even novice users trying to use it for the first time would get accustomed very quickly. For the convenience of working with a set of images, you can view the thumbnails on a strip on the left. All you need to do is pick the one with a mouse click. This is very good tool.

Publisher's description

Png to Jpg Converter is an image converter program used to perform a variety of functions in the graphics, photography and digital art worlds, It was marketed as the new standard for personal image editing and paint programs.
Snaging: Catch screen image, get image from web camp, get image from video files.
Resizing: Resize photos.
Editing: Png to Jpg Converter is used to edit and modify a wide range of images and image types. One of its more common uses is basic photo editing.
Layers: The specific feature of Png to Jpg Converter called a layer. layers enable the user to arrange and rearrange images over top of one another. Each separate image has its own layer that can be moved back and forth across the image layer beneath it. Without layers, each image would merge with the image beneath it as soon as it was placed. This would make rearrangement or further placement editing of any kind impossible. Layers can also be used to add and remove visual effects like filters and lighting.
Image effects: Amount of image effects are available for users.
Painting: Png to Jpg Converter offers a steadily-expanding set of virtual brushes and pens that can accurately reproduce many different physical drawing and painting techniques. Digital artwork is most commonly found in the context of conceptual art for films and video games.
Png to Jpg Converter
Png to Jpg Converter
Version 2.2.2
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